Dear Participants,

Vilnius is like an open book, leaving vivid illustrations of the history of European styles – from the Gothic to the Empiric. The Old Town of Vilnius is among the largest in Eastern and Central Europe, included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Vilnius presents an authentic portrait of Lithuania. Heavy stone streets, letters of tiles, stained glass illustration, massive metal gates – the title pages. It is really hard to put the book aside… maybe because the history of Vilnius is still living. Vilnius charms with its labyrinthine Old Town, sleek business district, its elegant centre, many open squares and parks, historic suburbs, astonishes with its architectural glory – all of which blend together into a seamless whole. It is a compact city where major meeting facilities, hotels, cosy restaurants and important city‘s sights are within easy reach.

May this Conference be an unforgettable experience!